Monday, December 10, 2007

Senseless Violence

The murders in Colorado this past Sunday morning at a church and a missionary training center serve to underline the depth to which our society is sinking. Add to that the murders of innocent people at shopping malls and schools, and the result is obvious: we are in trouble.

It wasn't that long ago that schools and churches were considered safe places. Those who were inclined to violence and crime simply did not perpetrate their evil there. But that is not true any more. In fact, it is becoming more and more the case that no one is safe anywhere. Nothing, as we say, is sacred anymore. Even in our own case, the arson fire that severely damaged our sanctuary was perpetrated, according to police and fire investigators, by someone who was expressing their anger at the church.

What is this world coming to?

More and more it is clear where this world is heading. And it should be no surprise to anyone who claims the biblical faith. Sin and depravity have eaten away almost all the boundaries that once marked decent society. The permissiveness of our culture has led to an "anything goes" mentality. The celebration of the rebel, the "sincere" criminal, and the elevation of those who feel they have a beef with society leads to less and less restraint. We give people permission to act in horrific ways through our media (movies, television, internet) which often portrays horrific acts as noble and necessary. What ever happened to evil?

Most people assume that the answer to our society's problems is political. That if we just elect the right president, or the right legislature, then everything will be ok. Things will be put right, and life will make sense again. I'm sorry if I sound skeptical, but the answer is not political. The steady parade of politicians promising to fix all of our ills and the painfully obvious failure of same to deliver should help us to see that "the answer" is not politics.

The answer is also not religious, at least in the sense of religious-politics. Elevating religion, even Christian, to a position of political power will not solve our problems. The only answer to all of our problems is Jesus Christ!

That is not a simplistic answer, either. Again, I am not talking politics! I am not saying that we need only "elect" Christian politicians. What I am saying is that unless and until we all give our hearts over to Jesus Christ I am afraid that our society's hell-bent rush to destruction will only continue. Only by submitting our hearts and lives to the Prince of Peace can there truly be peace on earth, goodwill toward all.

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