Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day was a marvelous miracle! Through the urging of God and the willingness of the youth group (ChUMY, Chino United Methodist Youth) and the faithfulness of our Youth Director, Steve Cuadras, God brought together a whole bunch of caring people and loads of donated food and money to offer a free Thanksgiving meal to anyone who wanted it. It was wonderful to see all of the people come to offer themselves for the sake of others. The generosity exceeded the expressed need, in that fewer people came for a meal than we had anticipated.

But the real miracle was the out-pouring of people--CUMC members and people from other churches and the community at large--who came together to give of themselves for the sake of others on a holiday that is traditionally kept for families. The family of God was truly present and accounted for!

Afterward, when the Social Hall was cleaned up and the food packaged up, Steve and I drove out to Ontario to the "tent city" where hundreds of homeless folks are living, and delivered the left-over food for them to enjoy.

It was a good day. Thanks be to God!

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