Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Welcome! I'm glad you found your way to my new blog! I have done some blogging before, but now I want to try my hand at doing more. Here you will find my musings, rantings, pontifications and other "ings!" I know; just what you always wanted!

Plus, I plan to post my sermons (I do extended outlines) here, so if you miss them live and in person, you can always catch them here! Wow! Such a DEAL!

For now, I'm going to allow comments. But if the spammers get too obnoxious (and what spammers aren't?), I may have to disallow comments. Let's pray they leave us alone!

But I would like to hear from you if you have thoughts or ideas, or want to suggest something for me to blog about. Just go to our church website ( and send me an email, or leave a comment here.

I'm looking forward to this! Now, I just have to think of something to blog about...

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