Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Abortion “Rights”

I am going to try and write more blog entries than just my local church newsletter articles! So, here goes… wading into controversial waters!

My abortion position changed when Cyndy and I experienced the first of seven miscarriages. There isn't any way to convince me that when the baby died that it was "only" a piece of organic matter. The loss we felt was real. Yes, we felt the loss of a life full of potential, but we also felt the loss of actual life. One of our children was born alive, only to live for three hours outside the womb. We had Joshua Howard Haworth (7/12/87) baptized so that he would "know" a family and a faith. Our district superintendent, Rev. Don Locher, assured us that we didn't HAVE to have him baptized (United Methodists don't believe that unbaptized babies go to hell!). But it wasn't about that. It was about having our son know, even for a brief moment, that he was loved and that he was a part of our family. Each Christmas we still hang an ornament with Joshua's name on it.

I have performed funeral services for babies that have died in utero and felt the extreme grief of the family. They were not grieving the loss of a mass of flesh, but a member of their family. Think of it. Why perform a funeral for a mass of organic matter? An unborn baby is not a tumor.

Abortions are performed all too often in the world, and all too often simply for the convenience of the mother and/or father. In truly life-threatening situations, I think there should be some grace. But ALL abortions are life and death decisions for the baby.

Don't talk to me about injustice in the world until you are ready to acknowledge that abortion involves one of the greatest injustices of all: the valuing of one strong life (and its preferences) over another weaker one.

As the adoptive father of three, I can say without a smidgen of doubt that adoption is a FAR more compassionate option for most "unwanted pregnancies" than abortion. And since compassion seems to be the value du jour for liberals/progressives, I don't understand their support for abortion "rights."

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