Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Summer of Our Discomplacency

I love making up new words! I think it is a form of poetry, but I'm not sure. Discomplacency, according to the Haworth Dictionary, means the opposite of complacency. Complacency means "A feeling of contentment or self-satisfaction, especially when coupled with an unawareness of danger, trouble, or controversy." (e-Ref-er-ence, by Houghton Miffin) And so discomplacency means "A feeling of DIScontentment or self-DISsatisfaction…" Yeah, that's about right.

What I mean is, we cannot afford, as a church family, to become complacent! Our sanctuary is rebuilt, we have recovered from "the fire." Now it is time to get down to the business of the church!

It would be very easy for us to sit back now and just coast. After all, we have put a lot of work into rebuilding the sanctuary and all of the other projects. We're tired! We need to rest! But I am here to tell you that to do so will spell the death of our church. I've seen it happen many times: when a church finishes a major building project it just begins to die out. Heaven forbid that happen at Chino!

Now is the time to begin stretching ourselves, reaching out in new and profound ways, getting serious about discipleship and what it means to wear the name "Christian." Now is the time to catch our second (or third or fourth or…) breath, push forward into God's future and BE what God has called us to be.

An important element in the process, as discerned by church leadership, is to form small groups for spiritual formation and Christian discipleship. In a small group, one is able to "get real" about one's walk of faith, seek the support and accountability of other Christians, and learn from others what following Jesus is all about. This fall, you will have the opportunity to join a small group as we study together The Purpose Driven Life by Pastor Rick Warren. A pilot group will be meeting this summer to prepare leaders for small groups across the congregation. Be praying and watching for the invitation to join a small group this fall. My hope, and the hope of the church leaders, is that engaging in "40 Days of Purpose" will inspire and motivate the entire congregation to embrace small groups as an essential (and very Methodist, by the way) element in our life as a church. Will you pray?

Be Blessed!

Pastor Glen

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