Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Beginning


As I write this, President Barack Obama has just been sworn in to office as the 44th President of the United States of America. It is an exciting day in the life of our country as another peaceful transition of power unfolds and the Great Experiment continues. It is also an historic day as the first African-American president is inaugurated. I am proud to be an American and hopeful for the future!


No matter what your political party or for whom you voted, this is a hopeful time. If for no other reason than the slate is wiped clean and it is a new beginning. No one knows for sure what an Obama presidency will bring forth, and we cannot foretell the future with regards to events that are yet to come, but we can all come together and face our future in unity. Does that mean there will be no disagreements? Hardly. Healthy disagreement is a hallmark of our nation. But we should all rejoice that there are no riots in the streets, no military coup, and no enemy attack to steal our national unity.


Having said that, as Christians we must always remember that no political party, no government, no president will usher in the Kingdom of God; Barack Obama is NOT the Messiah! George Bush was NOT the Messiah. Only Jesus Christ is the Messiah, and it is to Him alone we trust our faith and future. We cannot allow any politics to usurp the authority of Jesus Christ in our lives. True, we owe allegiance to our country, but only secondarily to our allegiance to God. We are to "give to Caesar" but we are first to "give to God."


So let's embrace hope! Hope is one of the "big three" (faith, hope, and love-1 Cor. 13:13). And let us remember that our hope is in the Lord (Psalm 39:7).




Pastor Glen

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Luis Delgado said...


For many people the day January 20, 2009, date on which Mr. Barack Obama assumes the presidency of the United States, becomes an historic day. It is the first time an African-American becomes the leader of one of the most powerful nation in the world.
A crowd of people were present to see Mr. Obama assume the presidency, perhaps motivated by seeing the man who fed hopes of a nation immersed in a strong moral and economic depression.
Pastor Rick Warren began the ceremony with a prayer that really leave much to be desired. But with more gold inspiracion who was an elderly friend Reverend Luther King and who won the embrace of the president.
The new president's speech was very realistic but little motivator, something overshadowed by the cold of minus 6 degrees and the nuance that Hollywood was given to the act. However, it was clear to see there faces as well as cheerful and enthusiastic, also faces serious surrounding the president Obama.
One such face is that of former president George Bush, representing the major groups in power, and that will be closely watching Obama's intentions.
Another of the faces in the government of Israel, who is not looking to grace a descendant of the Muslim as president.
Other faces are the rulers of Arab nations, which do not look at Obama as an ally for them.
As finishing touch, faces no shortage of traditional segregationist groups, who are offended to hear that the same God in the eyes of whites and blacks.
Undoubtedly, the president Barack Obama is sitting in a chair where the sword of Damocles hanging over his head.

I hope that the Christian churches in the United Esrtados not cease to pray for their president for the American people and themselves.